Nukus city, Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan
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Aral Sea eco-tour

The current itinerary was developed with the advice and recommendations of the international experts, consultants and professional travelers. Our company provides with 4x4 (off road) comfortable vehicles are driven by professional drivers. All Transportations are licensed for carring out the passangers.

Although this eco-tour is called as an "extreme tour", but our professional staff controls all the route and provides safety and comfort during the trip. All the vehicles are equipped with the safety kits, and communication devices.

The "BesQala" yurt camp offers several traditional Karakalpak yurts at the Aral sea for the guests relax. At the yurt camp there are shower cabines, WC, kitchen, dining room, tapchans, umbrellas, tables, benches and special place for camp fire for the guests use.

The guests are provided with clean individual bed clothes: matrasses, pillows, sheets, blankets and sleeping bags if required. Acçording to the guests request we can set up the individual tents at any place of the camp area.

The meal is arranged beforehand. If the guests wish to prepare their own food at the camp the camp has all necessary kitchen stuff to prepare the food: wooden oven, gas stove, pure water, pots, tea-pots, plates and cups, as well as the recycled plates and cups.

All the guests, without exemption, note the clear night sky with the bright rash of stars from horizon to horizon and of course the welcoming Milky way. That's why all the guests name our camp as the "Hotel of Million Stars"


Duration:  2 days/1 night
Travel distance: over 800 km
Meals: 4 times during the trip
Tour season: All year round
Vehicles: 4wd cars with AC


Day 1.
8:00 departure from Nukus
9:00-10:00 visit the historical and sacred Mizdakhkan complex(IV-II B.C., XIII-XVI A.D.), necropolis with several interesting mausoleums: Nazlumlhan Sulu, Khalifa Yerejep and Shamun Nabi as well as Gyaur Kala fortress of Zoroastrian epoch (IV-III B.C.)
11:00-12:00 Kungrad – Ustyurt Plateau
13:00 abandoned Urga settlement at Sudochie Lake, its' clean fresh water is a home for a great variety of fish, wild animals and many different birds
17:00 Kubla Ustyurt settlement – a small city built in Soviet times in the middle of Ustyrt Plateau
19:00 Yurt camp at the Aral Sea (dinner made on fire, staying overnight in the national Karakalpak yurt). Guests are welcome to swim in the salty water of the Aral Sea (shower with fresh water is available at the camp). The camp area is a nice place for hiking, observing unusual wild life and landscapes.
Day 2.
5:00-7:00 A must-see observation of the sunrise above the Aral Sea. Breakfast.
8:00 Departure
8:30 Excursion to Kurgancha Kala (XII-XIV), fortified trading center of the Great Silk Road in early medieval period.
9:00-11:00 Observation of abandoned nomadic cemeteries and the Great canyons of Ustyurt Plateau. The road along the bottom of the Aral Sea up to Muynak.
12:30 Arrive in Muynak. Visit the Cemetery of Ships, local Museum of Regional Studies.
13:30 Lunch at the local family's house.
18:00 Arrive in Nukus.

Additionally we offer a 3-days and 2-nights itinerary which includes visiting of the:

“Barsa-Kelmes” natural salt deposit (a borderless salty flats, which reminds the famous Bonneville Salt Flats in USA) on the first day and dedicate the whole next day seeing the abandoned port located 60 km to the North of our Yurt camp, where travelers can enjoy swimming in the sea, observe beautiful sights, wild nature, unearth canyons of Ustyurt Plateau and visit ancient cemeteries of nomadic tribes.

Bes Qala Tour Agency offers a unique route to the Aral Sea coastline with many interesting sites along the road. Travelers have a chance to see the ancient archeological monuments, historical objects, local sacred places as well as beautiful endless landscapes of Ustyurt Plateau, its wild life, lakes and rivers inhabited by various fish, animals and birds.

Aral Sea represents one of the most tragic ecological disasters. Once the world's fourth largest lake, the Aral Sea within a few decades has shrunk to 90% of its' original size. This attracts many travelers from all over the world to come and see the scale of ecological distress. According to the impressions of our guests – travelers, scientists, professional photographers and artists, – the Ustyurt Plateau is definitely one of the most unusual places in the world, which is highly recommended to visit.


Yurt camp

Our company provides traditional Yurt camp stay at the Aral sea current costline.

For the Guests rest we offer 8 traditional yurts, cattering tent, 4 toilets, 2 shower cabins, tapchans with shelters, beach umbrellas with chairs, special fire place and parking area for vehicles.

At the yurt the guests are provided with individual bed sheets, pillows and blankets. Acçording to the wish of the guests they can order tent with sleeping bags to stay at the wild nature at the territory of camp.

The meal is ordered beforehand. If the guests wish to prepare their own food the camp has all necessary kitchen stuff to use: wood, gas stove, pots, teapot, disposable plates and cups.

We welcome you and your guests to our sweet Yurt camp "BesQala"!!!