Nukus city, Karakalpakstan, Uzbekistan
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Hill-forts of lost civilizations

This program is specially designed for travelers who wants to receive maximum information about the history and cultury of the antique Khorezm and visit the most famous archeological and sacrified monumens/sights, taste the local cousine and The sites temples of Zoroastrian Kings, sublime fortresses off Khorezmshakhs, cities left in the sand.

We offer an excursion to the history full of mystery, legends and myths. During the tour you will visit the most interesting ancient fortresses, historical and religious sites of ancient and medieval Khorezm, as well as the world famous Museum of Arts by Savitsky, where you will be offered to learn more about history and culture of Karakalpakstan.


Our company provides with comfortable transportation and experienced Guide service. The meal is served at the Yurt camp or at the local cafe on the way. As the guests wish there can be organized traditional folks with beautiful dances and songs and as well the riding by horses or camels.
The itinerary includes visiting of such a famous pilgrimage sites like Sultan Vays Bobo and Chilpik as well as the famous Museum of Arts by I.V.Savitsky.


Tour duration: 2 days/1 night
Travel distance: over 400 km
Meals: 4 times during the trip
Best season: March-November
Vehicles: : sedan cars with AC


Day 1.
9:00  departure from Khiva
10:30-11:00 visit ancient fortress Kizil-kala (“Red Fortress”) I-IV centuries A.D.
11:15-12:00 observe Toprak-kala (“Clay Fortress”) I-IV centuries A.D., which is considered to be the residence of an Ancient Khorezm monarch during the antiquity period. Its sizes and genius of architectural design make Toprak-Kala one of the most unique monuments of Khorezm
12:30-13:30 lunch at Akshakol lake yurt camp
14:30-15:00 observe The Big Guldursun fortress IV-II centuries B.C.
16:00 arriving to Ayaz-kala yurt camp. Enjoy complex of several fortresses Ayaz-kala (“Fortress of the Wind”) IV-III centuries B.C.
19:00  dinner at the yurt camp. Folk performance and dances are available upon request in advance.
Day 2.
8:00-8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Departure
10:30-11:00 visit Jampik kala (IV-I centuries B.C., X-XII centuries A.D.) located at the natural biosphere reserve
12:00-13:00 lunch at Kipchak settlement at Amudarya river
13:20-14:00 visit Chilpik (I century A.D.) – Zoroastrian “Tower of Silence” built for ritual purposes
15:00-17:00 visit Museum of Arts by Savitsky famous for its collection of Russian avant-garde of 1920-1930s. 
17:30 Check in the hotel.


The current itinerary can be changed acçording to your request